Finding the Right Entry Table for your Home

Inviting Entry Tables

What feeling do you want to create when people enter your home? One of the first things people see is the entryway décor, often dominated by an entry table, those “ambassador” pieces that represent your home, make a statement to all who enter and often serve a functional purpose as well.

Console tables and small chests tend to be the most popular choices for an entry table. Round entry tables are also a good choice for open foyers. Generally speaking, console tables are seen as open and lighthearted, chests as warm and cozy and round tables as more formal, but there certainly is a lot of crossover. For example, a colorful or eclectic chest in the entry way can certainly create a fun loving vibe.

Console tables are by far the most popular type of entry table. These pieces are generally decorative and include at least one drawer to toss the keys, phones and sun glasses into upon arriving in the home. These cottage style console tables create a light and cheerful feeling and seem to say “come on in for a cup of tea and good cheer.”

Entryway solution. Sunburst mirror just like mine. Narrow white/gray washed entry table.  Clean. Chalk paint look.

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entry table - very cute!

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Earthy console tables are in high demand these days as people have become more environmentally conscious. The rustic console tables below create a sense of warmth and strength while also conveying a love for nature. Console tables hand crafted from reclaimed solid woods with weathered effects are particularly popular. These rustic tables looks great when adorned with plants and pottery, and placing a basket beneath provides extra storage space for shoes, blankets, pillows and more.

Neutral Dining Room Console Table // Honey We're Home

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shannon-bowers-veranda1 the things on the wall remind me of a giant one at Homegoods.  With a little paint and .....

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"Lab-inspired decoration" isn't how I would have described this entry hall, but I love it!

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 Ornate French entry tables are the perfect choice for well appointed homes. These curvy aged pieces convey warmth and elegance. These console tables create a dreamy feel that lets guests know that your home is not only your castle, but also your oasis. Limed wood wall Veranda magazine via interiorandgardendesign Dont Paint the Paneling (& Other Shocking Advice from The Decorologist)Found on (Veranda Magazine image)

I really like this, I think the top piece with the bow and such is a little much, though, I would leave it with just the cream framed mirror.

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For the more traditional home, a painted chest is a great entry way choice. A painted chest gives a feeling of warmth and whimsy, as if to say “we love family and traditions, but we know how to have fun!” And with so many painted chests to choose from, it’s fun and easy to choose one that reflects your family’s personality. One of the things I love about using a chest in the entry way is that you get a lot of storage space. You can store keys and odds and ends in the top drawer and fill the other drawers with items often needed when you leave the home, like sweaters, caps, gloves, storage bags and more.

Painted entry chest

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shabby chic | Tumblr

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You can never have enough blue and white china on the walls . . .

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Round entry tables are the perfect choice for homes with large, open foyers. Placing a round pedestal table just under a pendant light creates a sophisticated look, especially with a bouquet of flowers on the table along with books and family photos.

Things We Love:  Round Entry Table - Thornton Design

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Love the use of this table as an entry table, gallery wall on the staircase... love everything about this picture.

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To see more entry table ideas, check out this Pinterest board: Stylish and Unique Entry Tables and Chests

You can also check out some of Belle Escape’s most popular entry tables here: Entry Tables and Chests

Beautiful, Versatile French Armoires


French armoires can fill a space like no other piece of furniture. Imposing, regal and stylish, Armoires are quintessential statements pieces that come in many shapes, sizes and colors. These days, armoires are used in every room in the home for a multitude of purposes.


Winter White and French Country = Trendy Home Decor for 2013 Follow me on eBay for more inspiration: #followitfindit #spon

Photo Attribution: ebay

Traditionally, armoires were used to hang or store clothing because European homes of days gone by did not have those functional areas we call “closets”.    While spacious closets are the norm today, armoires continue to delight lovers of French style who want to add a bit of old world romanticism to their bedroom.

This loft at the Belgian seaside, has the colors of the sea, all nuances that go from green to blue, grey to chalky white walls, colors of the foam created by waves. The place is decorated with beautiful antique furniture with an aged patina.

Photo Attribution: Found on Belgian Pearls Blogspot

This spectacular Dutch armoire with a heavily distressed patina finish is truly the focal point of this dining area. Armoires are increasingly popular as buffet cabinets to store china, linens, silver and other dining room essentials behind the beautiful doors of an elegant armoire.


Would love to have a cute china hutch type of furniture piece in my s.b. room for storing craft supplies

Photo Attribution: Hvitur Lakkris blog

An armoire in the guest room is perfect for storing  extra linens while also offering some drawer space. And an armoire in the nursery serves a similar purpose – a beautiful decorative place to hang clothes and store bedding, diapers, toys and more.

Love the painted shelves inside the Armoire. It gives it a personal touch. | French Armoire | Bedroom | Wood Armoire | Vintage | Painted Furniture

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Consider all of the extra storage an armoire could bring by adding one in a bath room for storing linens, soaps and supplies.

Armoires are also often used as media cabinets, and it is easy to see why. A large open space for the television and plenty of storage below for DVD’s, cable boxes, sound equipment and more. For those who don’t want their living room dominated by a flat screen TV,  an attractive armoire might be the perfect solution. .


lovely huge chandy and french country armoire
There are so many ways to creatively use an armoire in your home. Not only do they add that functional storage we could all use a little more of, but they look beautiful doing it. No more clutter, just a lovely, organized working space behind closed doors. Painted, distressed, mirrored or stained wood, Belle Escape can help you find one that will fit nicely into your desired space.  Then, let the creative juices flow!

In Style: Earthy Chic Decorating

Earthy Chic

Bring the relaxing feeling of nature into your home with furnishings made from natural woods, fibers and elements. Many of these Earthy Chic pieces are made from reclaimed wood and metals and sustainable woods. Weathered tables, wrought iron chandeliers, wicker accent pieces and natural beaded chandeliers will bring a calming effect into your home sanctuary. […]

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Get the Look of Old Provence in Your Home

Provence_Main Image

French Provence decor is a reflection history, culture and the beauty of natural surroundings. Natural wood, old world stone, wrought iron and natural fabrics bring a Provence home to life. Old Provencal style decor calls for natural materials. Wooden beams on the ceiling, woven textiles and nature inspired furnishings and accessories celebrate elegance, simplicity and […]

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Vibrant Blue Home Interiors


I love the way fashion intersects with home furnishing trends. Earlier this year, the runways in New York and Paris featured exhilarating hues of blue that are now found on chairs, chests and sofas across the globe. According to Color Solutions International, the color trends this year “take you on an adventure” and the blue tones […]

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Fabulous French Country Cabinets


French Country display cabinets are unparalleled in style, function and versatility. They are used in living rooms to display pictures, books and treasured objects, in dining areas to store dishware and linens, in kitchens to hold pots, pans and food staples and in family rooms as entertainment centers. Characterized by beautifully hand-carved wood, French country […]

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Illuminate Your Home With an Artistic Lamp


  Add artistic flair to your decor with a lamp that is a work of art! Artistic lamps are not only functional, but also accentuate your decor and bring a touch of whimsy into a room. These coastal lamps add a pop of color to make a coastal cottage feel more vibrant. These richly stained lamps […]

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The Allure of Tufted Furniture

Tufted_Main Image

  French tufted furnishings have seen a resurgence in design lately. Widely found on an array of pieces such as headboards, ottomans, dining chairs and sofas, these furnishings have left the vintage look behind and stepped into the modern world of design. Tufted chairs seem to invite you to sit, relax and enjoy the feel […]

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French Country Furniture Flair


French Country decor is popular worldwide. It strikes the perfect balance of beauty and comfort that easily fits into elegant homes and country cottages alike. Country French aficionados love the vibrant hues, classic patterns and rustic accents that give a warm and cozy feel to any room. A wonderful distressed, painted or carved French Country cabinet […]

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Sunny Colors of Provence Decor


One of France’s most beloved regions, Provence has a rich tapestry of colors that constitute it’s palette. The furnishings and decor take their cue from nature and the surroundings. Under the bright Provencal sun, the colors of earth, stone, trees, fruits, and flowers give this region its unique character and beauty. Relaxed, warm and subtly […]

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Finding Your Interior Design Style


What’s your favorite style? Spring is often the perfect time of year to refresh your decor and get a stylish new look! If you are unsure about your favorite interior design style, perusing images online is a great way to discover your look. Finding the right style isn’t about “what’s in style”, rather it’s about […]

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Cosmopolitan Chic Furniture – on Trend!


Contemporary furnishings are always in style! But in 2014, we are seeing more and more elegant modern pieces worked into traditional, French and cottage style settings. Geometric lines, plexiglass, shiny silver finishes and mid-century forms are all this rage this year, with these elements adding a dash of cosmopolitan sophistication to this year’s most popular […]

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