Best Gift for Her this Holiday!!

Over the past few days, something unusual has happened – something that only happens once a year! Can you guess what that might be? I’ll give you a one word hint: men! Yes, suddenly we’re getting more calls and emails than ever before from men. “What’s a great gift idea for her?” they’re asking. They’re looking for something different, something that really reflects her own personal sense of style.

Our first recommendation: a Belle Escape Gift Card! Gift cards are such a great gift option because the recipient gets to pick exactly what they want. Imagine this: sitting in the comfort of your own home browsing through hundreds of gorgeous items, a fire roaring in the fireplace, sipping hot cocoa (or your favorite beverage:-) and getting to pick something beautiful for your home that you’ll always treasure. It’s really the gift of an escape – and one that will last forever!

Best Gift for her this holiday!

For those who want to buy something special that can be wrapped and put under the tree, here are some very popular choices .

First, here are some gorgeous accent tables to choose from that will really make a statement – and they’re all in stock!


For the French Furniture Lover

For the Bird Lovers


For the Giving Person

For French Shabby Chic Lovers

Here are some home decor items that would make fabulous gifts for her and all are in stock!


French Trumeau Mirror Lovers

For Flower Lovers

For Candle Lovers

For more ideas, visit Happy shopping!


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