What’s Hot in Home Furnishings in 2011!

I just returned from the Atlanta Home Furnishings Market, and I have to say, what a great show! Check out this video for a glimpse into this fabulous market. All the best furniture manufacturers were there and the new product lines were just gorgeous! Plus, I just love going to the South! Great comfort foods, friendly people and such beautiful surroundings.

At this market, Belle Escape was looking for some delectable new items to make available online to homeowners creating their dream homes. We found so many wonderful items and the Belle Escape team is now busily adding them to BelleEscape.com, so be sure to check out What’s New often over the next few weeks.

At the show, I noted a few of the hot home furnishing trends of 2011. While I’ll leave the official trend setting predictions up to the experts, I can share with you some of the common themes I saw that indicate current trends – based upon what manufacturers are selling, and, of course, skewed by Belle Escape’s lens that focuses primarily on Vintage French, French Country and Cottage Style furniture and home decor.

I will say that many of the most popular furniture trends seen at the Atlanta Furniture Market have been emerging for years, like French style furniture with contemporary fabrics and furnishings with a weathered and aged look – these are not new trends, rather they are trends that have gained momentum over the past few years through mass public appeal. The most notable emerging trend appears to be the use of reclaimed and natural, unfinished hard woods in both furniture and decor made in classical French styles. The show was brimming with items reflecting this trend!

So here’s a little of what we saw that is hot this season…

  • Furniture and Pillows with French Words
  • Weathered Furniture and Decor
  • Vintage French Style Furniture with Contemporary Fabrics
  • Elegant Furnishings in  Natural Reclaimed Wood
  • Peace, Love and Funk in High Style
Moulins Arm Chair

Moulins Arm Chair

French Script Chair

French Word Pillows

La Maison Pillows

Weathered French Chest

Weathered Glass Top Table and Candles

Rustic Weathered Bench

Emelie (Emelies Decor) & Donna (Belle Escape) at Emelies Showroom - gorgeous, authentic vintage French furniture with real burlap and painted canvas covers

French Laundry Chair

Painted Burlap King Louis Chair

Earthy Natural Wood Bench

Natural Wood French Style Console Tables

Weathered Natural Wood Chest

Natural Wood Lantern Chandelier



  1. What a great review of the Furniture Market. I love all of the weathered wood and burlap covered chairs.

    Thanks so much for stopping by. And for leaving such a sweet comment on my mantel!

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