Home Sweet Romantic Getaway!

What is the most romantic getaway you can recall?  Perhaps you spent your honeymoon strolling the streets of  Paris or your 25th wedding anniversary along the canals of Venice. Maybe you’re planning that perfect vacation in Provence or Tuscany.  With a few decorative touches it is possible to recapture these moments and turn your home into a dream escape.

Romantic Dinner in Paris

Romantic Dinner in Paris. Photo Credit: Paris Perfect

Ah Paris–no one does “amour” like the French.  Intimate sidewalk cafes, beautiful architecture and artwork and, of course, the sparkling lights throughout what is often referred to as the City of Light.  Capture the romantic and chic feel of Paris in your home with beautiful French furniture that combines old world design with cosmopolitan flair.

Beautiful village door in Provence

Our "belle sejour en Provence" last summer

Provence, the perfect place to relax in the sun, enjoy fine cuisine and explore medieval sites. But what makes Provence so unique is the richness of colors on door fronts, the scent of lavender on countryside walks and the raw natural beauty.  For colorful pieces that capture the feel of Provence, see our French country furnishings.
Romantic Caribbean View

Our Terrace View - Romantic Getaway to St. John.

Is there anything more romantic than a warm tropical getaway?  Create your own home oasis with pieces from our Coastal Cottage collection.  The collection features lighting fixtures as sparkling and blue as the ocean, distressed white finishes on furniture and accessories like our sea turtle pillow or coastal painted chest.

Romantic Getaway to Venice. Photo: Ann & Wayne Stumpf

Bella Italian Riviera

Stunningly beautiful views in Liguria. Photo: Bernadette Madier LeRoy & Marguerite Maloine

What comes to mind when you think of Italy?  Is it the delicious food, the amazing countryside or the ancient cities?  Capture the dramatic landscape of the Italian Riviera or the regal and mysterious feel of Venice in your own home with Tuscan style furniture from our Tuscan Villa collection featuring warm aged finishes and classic designs.

Create the Perfect Escape at BelleEscape.com

Our belief is that everyone should bring a bit of their favorite romantic spot into their home and we can accomplish that with furnishings from our Vintage French, French country, Tuscan and Coastal Cottage collections.

What romantic destination spot inspires your home interiors?


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