Finding the Perfect Chandelier

Selecting the perfect chandelier is highly personal. People don’t just buy chandeliers – they fall in love with them! They know the right one when they see it and just have to have it. Chandeliers can set the tone for a room or add just the right finishing touch. They become the focal point of an entry way, dining room or living area, and while furnishings often change, chandeliers typically remain for many years, majestically shining its light over a room.

But what drives the choice of a chandelier? Is it the architecture, the interiors, the color scheme of the room or something else? I suspect that there are many factors involved, but the final choice is more personal in nature…more about how the chandelier makes us feel and the ambiance we want to create in a room.

Chandeliers in bright, bold colors brighten a room and create a mood of excitent and joy.

Blue Glass Chandelier

Vintage French chandeliers evoke a feeling of old world sophistication and elegance.

Vintage French Chandelier

Chandeliers with natural elements create a peaceful, down-to-earth feeling.

Earthy Chic Chandelier

Chandeliers made from a mix of wood and iron make us feel safe and warm.

Old World Wrought Iron and Wood Chandelier

Shabby chic style chandeliers create a dreamy, romantic ambience.

French Shabby Flea Market Chandelier

Coastal style chandeliers create an airy, carefree atmosphere.

Glittering Shell Chandelier

So when selecting a chandelier, think more about how you want to feel when you enter a room…and let your heart decide.


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