French Country Dining Room Furniture

French County style dining rooms are warm and inviting spaces that allow guests to pull up a chair and linger over a dinner with friends and family. French Country design has been around for centuries and remains one of the most popular dining room styles today. To achieve this look there are many pieces you can pull together to create that inviting, French country appeal, but the centerpiece of it all is the dining table. The photo below is a great example of a rustic French Country dining room with a grand fireplace and wood beams. The sunflowers appear to have been picked from right outside in the garden, but the real showstopper is the lovely table with it’s dark finish and carved legs. A table that looks as if it has stood the test of time and has a patina and shine from the numerous meals it has served. The room isn’t fussy or formal, but an ideal spot for everyday use.


A classic French Country dining room has warm-toned colors with notes of nature throughout. Borrowing from the colors of rural France, the harvest is always on your mind with notes of greens, golds and reds. Friends from the barnyard are also incorporated, especially a grand rooster. This dining room beautifully incorporates the colors of the French countryside with a mustard-colored table with lovely cabriole legs and heavily distressed  ladder-back chairs that add to the room’s warmth and hospitable feeling.


While traditional French Country decor is quite colorful, a more neutral French country palette has become extremely popular in recent years. Note the grey weathered table with a dark stained top and the linen upholstered chairs. A perfect match. A more romantic feel is evident and a light, clean and refreshing appearance results.


The natural wood French kitchen is also in vogue, like this dining room with a long weathered trestle table made from natural reclaimed wood. Soft burlap upholstered chairs, especially ones with words en francais, are also very popular these days.

This long pedestal farmhouse table is a sturdy foundation for any serving or decorative pieces placed on top. Although this room is a more formal dining room with traditional paneling and carpeted floors, the furnishings and decor give it a relaxed, unpretentious look that is delightfully French country. Weather you are eating with a party of five or twenty-five, French Country dining tables will make all of your guests feel welcome and comfortable.



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