Finding Your Interior Design Style

stylishlook_promo_blog What’s your favorite style? Spring is often the perfect time of year to refresh your decor and get a stylish new look! If you are unsure about your favorite interior design style, perusing images online is a great way to discover your look. Finding the right style isn’t about “what’s in style”, rather it’s about what makes you feel at home, what brings a smile to your face, and when it comes right down to it, what feels like “you”. Here are some of our favorite websites to search by style and room:

The HGTV Designer Portfolio section has an array of beautiful images and allows you to search by room, style and color. (Photo Source:  Heather Hilliard, Interior Designer)

Houzz Room Search

Houzz is another great website  with thousands of high quality images of home interiors, and you can search by room, style, color, floor, furniture items in the room and so much more.

Freshome image

If you love Modern interiors, Freshome specializes in calm, refreshing  cosmopolitan interiors and allows you to search by home type, room and furniture.

House Beautiful’s Photo Gallery has thousands of designer room images from their magazine that will inspire you and get your creative juices flowing.

google interior images

Finally, searching Google images is a fabulous resource, and you can search by any criteria.


To find furniture pieces  by your favorite style, you can also browse Belle Escape’s Interior Design Style section, which includes popular pieces in a variety of styles, including French country, shabby chic, coastal cottage, vintage french, farmhouse chic, industrial chic, rustic  and many more!

All of these online websites will provide inspiration as you plan a new look that will transform a house into your dream home!


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