The Allure of Tufted Furniture


Tufted_Main Image

French tufted furnishings have seen a resurgence in design lately. Widely found on an array of pieces such as headboards, ottomans, dining chairs and sofas, these furnishings have left the vintage look behind and stepped into the modern world of design.


Tufted chairs seem to invite you to sit, relax and enjoy the feel of the fabric: often found in velvets, silks or natural linens.


A tufted bench at the foot of the bed is a luxury for those who have the space to do it. Not only is it stylish and elegant, it provides functionality as well with a place to sit when putting on shoes for the day.

french tufted sofa

One piece of tufted furniture in a room can make a statement surrounded by a simple design. Tufted sofas add a touch of elegance and are also comfortable.


Muted tones and neutral colors make this bedroom elegant and trés French. Crystal lighting, white sheets and the gorgeous tufted headboard create a beautiful, romantic space.

6918d83eaf98cc5e7eeca91dc8a2847fThe tufted ottoman is definitely the most versatile of tufted furnishings. Not only is it a place to put your feet up after a long day, but it can also be used as extra seating for guests, or add a tray on top to make it a cocktail table. Tufting creates visual interest to any item, showcasing the fabric and shape of the item. It is a great tool to add a sophisticated and elegant flair to your decor.

To find beautiful tufted furniture, check out Belle Maison.






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