Fabulous French Country Cabinets


French Country display cabinets are unparalleled in style, function and versatility. They are used in living rooms to display pictures, books and treasured objects, in dining areas to store dishware and linens, in kitchens to hold pots, pans and food staples and in family rooms as entertainment centers. Characterized by beautifully hand-carved wood, French country cabinets are usually substantial in size and serve as a centerpiece of a room, adding a sense of warmth and sophistication to any room. While many feature open shelves or glass doors, the most traditional French Country Cabinets boast chicken wire doors. And whether they are stained or painted, one color or embellished with painted flowers and scrolls, an aged and distressed look is de rigeur.

Here are some examples of French country cabinets we found online. Which one is your favorite?

french country cabinet houzz

Weathered chicken wire display cabinet.


Dijon painted French country cabinet.


Floral French painted cabinet and secretary.



Rustic wood stained chicken wire cabinet.


 Class French country stained pantry with chicken wire doors.

For more inspiration, view the French Country cabinets at Belle Maison!


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