In Style: Earthy Chic Decorating

Earthy Chic Furnishings_2

Bring the relaxing feeling of nature into your home with furnishings made from natural woods, fibers and elements. Many of these Earthy Chic pieces are made from reclaimed wood and metals and sustainable woods. Weathered tables, wrought iron chandeliers, wicker accent pieces and natural beaded chandeliers will bring a calming effect into your home sanctuary.

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You don’t have to live in a log cabin or a country setting to connect with nature. Even the most modern interiors come to life when objects from the outdoor world are brought inside. The fabulous rooms above belonged to celebrity couple Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi whose home in Beverly Hills, CA area was recently bought by Ryan Seacrest. These rooms prove you can add rustic touches and natural elements, yet still have a feeling of sophistication with clean, modern lines.



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Nature is the ultimate inspiration—and trends in decor and design surely reflect that. Botanical abundance, stone walls and weathered furnishings create a calming space even in an office or powder room. This design trend is very popular with the eco-friendly lovers who are concerned with environmental effects in their home. And those who want a zen-like sanctuary home are also drawn to this decor. To bring a touch of Mother Nature into your home with Earthy Chic furniture and decor, visit Belle


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